Sunday, August 21, 2011

A How To; Sharing mystery patterns

Okay so I have been helping ZB decorate her house. Slight problem she has a patern I want and no idea where she got it. Solution? This easy walk through I used to help her send me the file instead of spending eons looking for it as she can't find it in her downloads. If it were there it's be the last two steps. I'm using media fire and she knows those steps so if this actualy helps anyone and you don't know how to work mediafire you can ask.

Step 1; CAS the wallpaper Just click the CAS tool in edit mode and on the wall paper. Change something small about one of the colors like the red flowers but let me know the color using the Hex code or the numbers above if it's easier. (Click on the button with the # on it then highlight the Hex and use control C to copy it.)

Step 2; save new coloring. (The folder with the arrow. )
 Step 3; click on the share option and when the next thing pops up name it. Then hit okay. (From here either minimize or close your game depending on if your launcher messes up your game play. Either way be sure and save the game just in case. I won't tell you how many times I've lost a game due to my stupidity.)
 Step 4; open launcher and go to uploads click on the pastern so it has a check mark. (This should be a simple click and click again issue.) 

Step 5; Click on "Show File" it'll pop up the folder it's saved on and will be highlighted for you. From there drag it to mediafire.  (It took me about 10 minutes due to I was also taking pictures. But I find this is a fast way to share a file with fellow simmers without hunting too much for it. I a CC addict would have added way more then needed looking for the pastern I want.)

Note; I would suggest you first attempt to find the file in your downloads option in launcher and follow the last two steps. But as this style sneaked in on something of hers I am having to do it the hard way, whiich is easier then hitting up the net looking for a file.